In some countries, the number of shootings increase because many people have guns at home. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer

There is no shortage of opinion on the correlation between the increase in shootings with people having guns in their houses. If I have to choose, I would definitely agree with this idea. I feel this way for two reasons which I will examine in this essay. First of all, a man can lose his mind if he is upset or angry about something and if he has access to a weapon, he can shoot someone at this moment. Obviously, a violent man facing a stressful situation can commit a tragedy when he has access to a gun. In other words, in countries where he can buy it easily,it is more probable to shootings occur. This can be better explained by an example. Imagine a man suffering a car crash, in this scenario,he is stressed and angry because someone hit his car. If this man is violent and has access to weapons, it is more likely that he can shoot the person that caused the accident. Thus, this is one of the reasons that shootings have been increasing in countries that allowed people to have guns. Second, having a gun in the ome makes it easy for a child to use it. Evidently, if you have a son and a gun at your home it is easier for your child to have access to it. A child can fire a gun by mistakes or even bringing to school and causing shootings. For instance, the USA has been dealing with different shootings in schools caused by students that suffered from bullying. This children had access to guns, sometimes because their parents had one. Because of these,the students were able to attack schools, causing the death of numerous students. If They had no access to these weapons, these attacks would have not happened. In conclusion, I definitely think that having guns at home is related to the increase in shootings. I feel this way because the violent man or a child can easily have access to it.
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