Some businesses and governments disallow smoking in the offices and public places. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

There is no shortage of opinions on whether people should be allowed to smoke cigarettes or not in their offices, or even in society. But if I were forced to choose, I would definitely agree with businesses and governments which restrict that. It is my firm belief that smoking is bad for a number of reasons, and I will develop these ideas in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, I want to notice that by giving some people the ability to smoke everywhere, others, who are non-smokers, are really affected and even become passive smokers. When someone who is near to you, decides to end a cigarette, you breathe and inhale all of the toxins and acids. And that is specifically a reason, why no one should smoke even in offices. Drawing from the experience of a close friend of mine, I know, that being a passive smoker can really cause a lot of trouble. My friend Mick has been working in the company, where almost everyone spent at least an hour per day to take a rest from work for this negative habit, and after two years of working there, Mick had started feeling dizzy more often than usual. After having once a headache for a long time, he decided to visit a doctor and he was told, that impact on his health due to passive smoking was so huge, that he was required to spend a week in the hospital for the necessary treatment. It is certainly clear to see why this happens and how negative being near smokers could be. Secondly, the bad smell of cigarettes or hookah in public places could be really disgusting. In the country where I live, there are no restrictions on all of these things, and sometimes smokers can even break your romantic evening. For instance, I remember when once I went on the date to a luxury restaurant with one pretty girl, and as the smell of cigarettes was so immersive, we decided to leave the restaurant early, even though there was a beautiful sunset that day. Both of us were against smoking in public places and found that extremely disgusting. So I believe, that changing laws in favor of disallowing smoking in restaurants, can really prevent these awkward situations. To summarize, I want to emphasize, that I totally agree with the statement that some businesses and governments restrict smoking in public places, and I strongly believe, that all of the reasons I mentioned above, could be really helpful for a quicker canceling of this negative habit on the country level.
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