Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People learn more by watching television than by reading books. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In recent decades, television has been widely spread home to home and plays an important role in modern life. Also, books are another beneficial material that people can use to increase their knowledge. Despite books being good information sources, I believe that people learn more by watching interesting documentary programs on TV than by reading books with pure informative content. To begin with, we can avidly watch a long-run TV program non-stop without being exhausted while reading a book can become tedious over time. Television as it entertains us conveys news and beneficial information through fascinating visual content. For instance, a long documentary film can present lots of information about animal and plant species in an attractive way by depicting the lives of those species in wild nature. On the contrary, reading a book with a biological subject that included lots of detailed information about animal or plant species will become extremely boring over time. Additionally Learning such huge data or memorizing scientific expressions through the texts will be extremely tough while learning through visual media components is more effective. Second, thanks to technology all aspects of a scientific or informative concept can be considered in a TV program while they can’t be properly explained through the texts of a book. For example, once I tried to learn the C-sharp programming language through a self-study book but I couldn’t understand what it wants to say, so I failed at last and put it away. However, by watching video tutorials I could learn that easily. By the same token, it is not possible to express all features of a complex scientific concept in a book. A complex phenomenon can be demonstrated through video clips or animations which make it easy to understand for the people watching through TV. For example, it would be difficult to explain all the features of a black hole in a book, while the concept is shown delicately in the movie Interstellar. In conclusion, television by presenting interesting visual content and considering all features of a concept is a better source for learning than books full of texts.
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