Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People learn more by watching television than by reading books.

Without a doubt, watching TV set and reading books are the two most significant ways that people usually choose to learn some things. Although books are the most ancient teachers all over the world, I believe these days, of course, things have changed and people learn more by watching television. There are two ways why I think this way, which I will explore in the following reason: To begin with, I believe that learning process with watching TV programs is more comfortable. This is because, they not only explain a topic but also display related pictures or movies due to people understand at more ease. Making an excellent connection between the topic and the viewer leads to an increase in learning. This is why most of teachers and professors in many schools and universities use many videos for their lectures. For instance, in biology courses, using movies in order to describe a tissue could be conducive. In addition, due to related shows create an exciting situation for students, most of them have been encouraged to learn more and more. The next reason is that reading books takes a longer time in comparison to watching television. To be more specific, books have to mention all the details to readers to understand what is happening. My personal experience is a compelling illustration of this. When I was in elementary school, my literature teacher assigned homework and got us to read Harry Potter book and summarize it in class. On the other hand, I should have prepared myself for a sports competition. Therefore, I did not have enough time to read all the book and decided to watch its movie. Fortunately, I watched that movie in a shorter time and was able to give a good summary in class. Taking the above mentioned into account it can be concluded that people acquire information more by watching TV set than by reading books. It not only could be more conducive but also save more time.
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