Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? After completing high school, students should take at least a year off to work or travel before they begin studying at a university.

Since the dawn of civilization, the education process has always been a subject of criticism. Youngsters are known as a key factor that success of societies depends on their performance, so the education process needs careful attention. However, people hold different ideas about the time when youth people should spend transferring from high school to the university. Some people believe that young men need a one-year chance to rest and experient work and prepare for the next stage. On the other hand, others say that it is more efficient for young people to move sequentially without any break between. As far as I am concerned, students should go to university, immediately after high school. The reasons would be elaborated upon in what follows. To begin with, I believe basic concepts are a recipe for success for every student. So, if students spend a year far from their lessons, they will forget every basic concept that they will need to start and continue their education in the university, and consequently, universities have to provide many hours to review those concepts and this is what we call waste time. For example, two years ago, when my little brother graduated from high school, he preferred to take a rest and go to our grandparents' home in another city for about a year. After that, last year, when he wanted to enter the university, he got in trouble, and he failed many of his exams as a result of forgetting basic concepts that were essential for his university lessons. Thus, In my opinion, if people do not study their education continually, they will face a difficult situation in their university studies. Furthermore, we cannot ignore the fact that humans` life is limited to time. so we should use every second in our life to improve. In addition, people can travel and work during their studies at the university. For instance, I went to the university exactly after high school. Now, I am working and studying simultaneously and I believe that I am superior, when comparing myself to those people who had a break time when they wanted to enter university. Therefore, to me, not only people can do both things together but also they live their life more efficiently without any waste. In conclusion, to the best of my knowledge, people should begin studying at a university, immediately after completing high school. First of all, students will forget basic concepts that learned in high school if they stop for a year. Second, every person can study and work beside it.
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