Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The opinions of celebrities, such as famous entertainers and athletes, are more important to younger people than they are to older people

Undoubtably, humans, as the epitome of social creatures have been trying to construct the symbols in their livers as an object lesson. In spite of this fact, this kind of sense has thrived in the young persons. Now there have been a heated debate on this topic that, how do celebrities and famous athletes affect the young persons lives. From my point of view, because of two reasons, young persons are following famous people thoughts. To begin with, young persons’ minds are in a way that they are loving to create someone as a symbol in their lives. young have been searching the persons who are thinking like toddlers and so the famous persons are the most choices of them because from the young persons view of point, celebrities act roles and think like them. However, celebrities’ thought is not always beneficial for young and in some cases, they reveal some kinds of behaviors that are out of traditional and on the other hand young persons often cannot detect which kinds of behaviors are good and which are detrimental for them and so this issue may affect their social behaviors in a bad way. For instance, when I was a school boy, I imitated from one of the most famous athletes in my county and acted like him, but after the duration of a couple of years ago, I find that his thoughts and beliefs are not as what I think or believe. Consequently, because of the young persons’ age, they like to fallow the persons who are thinking or acting like them. Furthermore, in this mechanized era, technology is advancing at a galloping rate and a large portion of people regardless of their ages are perpetuated by its outputs. One of the most important results of advancement of technology is social media networks. Approximately, all of the individuals in a society have encountering with these, especially young persons. Moreever, social networks area is in a way that all of the persons can share their thought and beliefs and so young persons are easily accessing to the celebrities’ opinions and imitating from their beliefs. On the other hand, these kinds of habits have both good and bad result on the young person’s behaviors because as we see that, well-known persons have the lives which are inaccessible to roughly all individuals in the society and so it absolutely has bad effect on the young person’s emotional health, because they feel that they don’t have ability to get persons like famous. Therefore, because of advancement of technology, young persons are more accessing to the famous people than adults. To sum up, according to the above statements, because of two reasons, young persons have more following famous people than old persons, the first is that, their mind in a way that in this age, they imitate from famous persons and the second is, social networks are the place where all of the individuals are sharing their thoughts and so young persons are more intact with them.
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