People work because they need money to live. What are some other that people work ?

The reading and lecture are both about modern animals are endotherm.The author of the article feels that dinosaurs are endotherms.The lecturer dispute the claim made in the article.His position that the argument of author of the article are not true. According to the reading, Humans are endotherms and maintain a constant body temperature as like dinosaurs .The article mention that dinosaurs fossil were discovered in polar region. Firstly also mention that dinosaurs are endotherms.The lecturer challenges this specific argument.He claims that many scientist have a problem to believed that dinosaurs are endotherm. Additionally he points out dinosaurs are migrate cooler to warmer area. Secondly, the author suggest that those animals leg's are underneath its body as like crocodiles and lizards. In this article it is said that the legs of modern endotherms are underneath the body, so the dinosaurs are endotherms.The lecturer however assert that founding fossil in the polar reason doesn't means to dinosaurs are endotherm.He goes on to say that, underneath the legs also not proof to much. Finally, the author posits that, haversian canal also one genre of evidence.The author content that connection of the born structure.In contrast, the lecturer told that bone structure are same it's true and also added that body temperature are same but it's not prove that dinasours are endotherms.
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