Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Providing Internet access is just as important as other services, such as building roads, so governments should offer Internet access to all of their citizens at no cost. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In this modern era, with the ever-increasing pace of technology and the advent of the internet, every community has changed through the years. Nowadays, we cannot ignore the critical role of the internet in today`s life. However, people hold different ideas about providing Internet access to all people for free. Some people believe, it is not necessary to make it free for people and governments should invest in other primary things. In contrast, to myself, I disagree with this side and I cannot imagine what would the world be like without the internet. The reasons would be elaborated upon in what follows. To begin with, in this mechanized era, it is near impossible to live without the internet and it would be great for people to have the opportunity to access the internet cost-free. Moreover, many people are working online and virtually, so this action can be a significant help for those people who have to pay a lot of money for the internet cost. To illustrate this, my own experience is a compelling example of this idea. I am an Industrial engineer and I am earning money remotely, in another world, my life depends on the internet, but unfortunately, I should expend a big part of my revenue on internet costs. Thus, I believe if governments offer Internet access to whole people at no cost, citizens will live better and can earn more money, so as a result, they become more satisfied. Furthermore, In my opinion. Making life easier and more desirable for people is what the governments have responsibility for. All over the world, Internet become an undeniable thing that is combined with people`s life. People use the internet for communication, learning, spending their daily routine, and so on. Consequently, making the Internet free lead people`s life toward a better situation. For example, my uncle is a poor man and he is not able to pay for and buy the internet, so he cannot do many things that depend on the internet. Therefore, I believe that making internet access is the key to success for every society. In conclusion, To the best of my knowledge, providing free Internet is the best way to make living better for every citizen. This action, not only help people earn more money, but also make life more enjoyable for them.
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