Which of the following do you think contribute most to an enjoyable vacation: good food good location good friends to travel with

A vacation is the best way to reduce stress caused by the amount of workload that we have nowadays. Some people believe that a great trip is directly affected by the food you eat, the place you stay,or the companies that you travel it. For me the best to enjoy a vacation is to guarantee that I will have good food. I feel this way for two reasons which I will examine in this essay. First of all, I think that one of the main reasons to travel is to eat different things. Obviously, if you are on break and you have good food you are going to enjoy more the place since you will be able to associate the city with sensorial memories. In other words, our brain always tries to link memories with experiences,and if you are having amazing food your body will make you feel more pleased, so the trip will be more enjoyable. This can be better demonstrated by my personal experience. Last year, I had the chance to travel to Spain and I proved amazing meat. Thus, eating well really makes me feel more comfortable and pleased on my vacation, and I am always remembering the taste of this amazing community. If I had not eaten so well, I would have not become so attracted to Spain. Second, eating is the best form to know different cultures. Certainly, if you are experiencing new places and you try new foods you are linking the culture of the city with the taste of the food. Actually, many countries express their own culture through it. For instance, Brazil can be used as an example. In Brazil, food is a path to people show their roots and this place is known for its cuisine. Many travelers come to Brazil only to taste caipirinha and feijoada. Definitely, if you have a good experience with this kind of food, you will enjoy more the vacation. In conclusion, for me,good food is the best way to contribute to a great vacation, and this is related to the fact that eating different food is the main reason for me to travel and that eating is a way to discover distinct cultures.
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