Do you agree or disagree with the following statement The most important ways to improve the people s health is to clean the environment

Without a shadow of a doubt, preserving the environment plays a pivotal role in human lives. An unanswered question in this area is whether reducing the contamination of the environment would be a promising approach toward enhancing people's health. As far as I am concerned, I believe that allocating budgets to keep the environment clean and enacting policies forbidding polluting activities would be helpful to protect people against various illnesses. In the following paragraphs, I will elaborate on my viewpoint through two compelling reasons. The first exquisite point corroborating my stance on this subject is that a clean environment provides people with opportunities to breathe clean air. These days, many big cities and urban areas are polluted by factories. These manufacturers emit a significant amount of detrimental particles into the air. These harmful substances spread through cities and groundwater. As a result, people are imposed to consume contaminated water and breathe a lot of toxic chemical substances every day. There is no question that if people are not deprived of a clean environment, they are less likely to suffer chronic diseases. For example, had my cushion not lived in a crowded and polluted city, he would not spend excessive money on his treatments. Another reason to be mentioned is that a clean environment prevents people from experiencing mental diseases. To be more specific, currently, natural resources like forests and rivers will be destroyed and damaged by industries. For example, some companies discard their rubbish and contaminated material into waterways. The pronounced effect of their activities is that many trees and animals will become extinct soon. The governments should monitor these companies, and their polluting activities should be restricted. It is indispensable for humans to relax out of cities frequently. When people spend their time in nature, they relieve their stresses and anxieties. Reflecting upon all the reasons mentioned above, one soon realizes that societies and governments should spare no effort to keep the environment clean because individuals’ mental and physical health drastically depends on living in a clean environment.
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