Which way do you think is the best for a student to make new friends? 1. joining a sports team 2. participate in community activities 3. Traveling

It goes without saying that in this sophisticated world where we live in, ones should make as many friends as possible in their life. Since human beings are a social species that rely on cooperation to survive and thrive, making friends has been considered a virtue at all times. While some prefer to base the foundation of their friendship haphazardly by traveling and then get to know other people, if they happen to do this, others enjoy taking part in social activities to meet new people, or perhaps prefer to be a part of a team and acquainted with fellows. As far as I am concerned, I agree with this mentality that one should have a precise attitude towards the process of making friends; therefore, given the fact that doing so on travel or a journey may seem by chance, they have plenty of time to know quite well about each other, afterward, they may be friends for life. In what follows, compelling reasons will elaborate on my idea in more detail. One of the reasons coming to my mind at first is that, nowadays, a friendship without sincerity, loyalty, and trustworthiness is condemned to death; therefore, one should have open eyes to choose the right person as their own friend which could be achieved through recognition coming from a companionship on a trip. To put it another way, traveling with someone brings a lot of cognitive opportunities which without any shadow of doubts are not given in the other aforementioned circumstances altogether. Take my personal experience as an illustration. When I was senior at university I applied for a temporary job in a neighboring country, I have been invited to a mandatory qualifying interview to find out whether I am eligible for getting the job or not. so that summer I went to that country and I was also preoccupied with some unanticipated official errands there. Back then, I had found a number of casual acquaintances with whom I did not have a significant relationship. Two of which were my hotel roommates I did not know well by that time. They were two girls who jointed me in a middle way and they have the same interview meeting either. At first, one of them, Sara, seemed to be very nice person and inspiring leading to attract my sense of reliability on her, but the tide turned soon. On due day, we went to the company. The meeting was in the session and as I said they were there too. Although I was fiercely honest with Sara to say my weaknesses in accepting that position, she showed her true colors when she used those data against me and played a prank that humiliated me in front of the committee. I am afraid to say I lost my temper and it was detrimental to me which ended up losing that job. But the story was yet to continue. To my other companion, Maria, I found another position soon. since then, Maria and I became close friends and we made an especially strong relationship. Now, she always comes to visit me. She is one of the most reliable people I have ever known. Consequently, this rewarding travel was indeed a great time to find a right person to make a lifelong friendship with. Another equally remarkable point in corroboration of my stance has to do with the understanding of what the level of a person's supportiveness is, which traveling will absolutely pave the way for a more detailed exploration of your companion. To be more specific, many times in life we go through a hard and stressful situation and we feel as if we can withstand it if only we had someone to go through that with. A philosopher, whose name eludes me at the moment, once said, and I am quoting, "Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you." In other words, a supportive friend will do their best to stand by you and are always there for you. An example can drive this notion home. When I was younger, I used to travel on my own Obviously, like any other tourist, I needed to exchange my money to be able to buy things with the local currency. One time, I was tricked into receiving counterfeit bills due to my lack of caution. That paper money was not legally valid. No sooner had I found out my big mistake than I was in trouble. I was going through a tough time, given the fact that I did not have enough in cash or even any deposit in my bank account. A Foreigner, Micheal, helped me that time with a piece of advice when he caught on to my issue. He said to me that if money was tight I should stick to the budget and not squander my money. After discussing the issue in-depth and listening to his suggestions, I found him a savvy person and took his advice. He also did me a favor to me and gave me some money in case I needed it. Micheal treat me in a very supportive way as a result of which I overcame that unforeseen problem. For me, he was a savior in hours of need. I definitely owe him a lot. Since then, tried to keep in touch with him and made him a friend of mine. Had that trip not happened that time, how I would have found such an amazing friend. It was a great opportunity for me to realize his innate trait of being supportive which is a must for sustained friendship. Therefore, It stands to reason that traveling could be a wise choice for making new friends.
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