Do you agree that it is better to work for business owned by someone else than to work for the business of one's own family.

Undeniably, there are some criteria and factors that can help people to increase their satisfaction when they are required to choose a job. Through the years, working for business of one’s own family or business owned by someone else has been the focus of attention. Some people think that it is better to work for the business of one’s own family. Contrary to what these people think, I believe that it is better for people to work for business owned by someone else. The reasons to substantiate my points are elaborated in the following paragraphs. For one thing, when you work for business owned by someone else you have wider choices for development. In other words, working for one’s own family leads people to think that you have gained the job due to the relationship with the manager and you take advantage of this more than you deserve. As a result, it creates a negative image of you in other employees’ minds and they become jealous of you. When they think that you can get higher positions because of the influence of the manager, they may become as a barrier who do not want you to succeed. In fact, they may not share their ideas and knowledge with you and become an impediment in your way to expand your information. By these behaviors, after a while, you may find this work boring and you may lose your motivation about achieving your goals in the job. Therefore, it negatively affects your performance in the work. As an illustration, my sister worked for my uncle’s business and after a few months, she was disappointed with the inappropriate behavior of other employees in the business. She said that they were jealous of her and blocked her way to develop her skills in the work. So, she decided to quit the job and work for other’s business. This example shows how important to work for other’s business to develop and improve our skills and abilities. Moreover, when you work for your own family business, the manager may delay in paying your salary. In other words, they may treat you differently in a way that is not fair. They think that because of your relationship to them, they can pay fewer money to you or delay it. As a result, you may feel that you are not important in their business and it decreases your satisfaction in the work. So, if you have the opportunity to work in others’ business, you will not be worried about these issues and it is beneficial for your mental health. To wrap up, according to the above-mentioned reasons and examples, I believe that it is better for people to work for business owned by someone else. Not only does it help to improve your chance to develop your skills in the work, but also it can assure you that you will not be treated differently in an unfair way.
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