:Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Because people are busy doing so many different things, they do very few things well.

Having peace of mind and living in a tranquil environment has always been a subject of utter importance to human beings. Today's progressive and complicated world has caused people to be constantly preoccupied with multiple matters that have taken away their serenity. In this regard, some people are of the opinion that people are too busy, and as a result, do very few things properly. Personally, I agree with this statement due to many reasons, two of which will be elaborated upon to substantiate my viewpoint in the following essay. To begin with, a lot of people have decided to work on two or more jobs that have prevented them from using their full attention in one job. That is to say; the harsh economic condition has forced many people to either work multiple jobs or work while studying. The consequence of such a thing is the excessive tiredness of those individuals that has resulted in their lack of focus. A person doing multiple tasks has to deal with much more problems and situations than others working only one job. My own personal experience is a compelling illustration of this point. Three years ago, while I was studying in colleague, I had to work on a full-time job to cover my expenses. In those days, I had to work on my thesis, and besides, I had to deal with the problems confronted in my workplace. Consequently, I could never fully focus on my thesis, and finishing it took twice as the time originally planned. On the other hand, the stress of finishing my thesis in time caused serious distractions, which reduced the quality of my work. This example shows that being too busy is not a favorable condition for many people as it can tire them both mentally and physically. Another worthwhile reason to be mentioned is that people are constantly distracted by various news and information they receive on a daily basis. To be more specific, the growth of technology and the internet has provided people with the most up-to-date news from all over the world. Such a privilege has its own harms as it can take away one's attention. For instance, people can be distracted by the news of elections, sport news, accidents, and many more. These kinds of news are so accessible and easy to read that they can be somewhat addictive. In addition, the media around the world continuously add more breaking news to attract all types of people of different ages. These can capture the full attention of individuals so much that they can prevent them from fulfilling their duties, let alone doing them properly. In conclusion, due to the aforementioned points, I firmly believe that being busy can divide one's attention, hindering one from showing his best work. This is because not only are people forced to work multiple jobs due to harsh economic conditions, but also, they are inundated by the very accessible, glamorous news around them.
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