Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Would you prefer to take courses taught by professors with whom you have already had other classes during your past years of study, or would you prefer to take courses with professors whose classes you have never taken before? Why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The reading passage asserts some theories about function of stone jars in country of Laos. However, the professor of the lecture makes several points concerning why these theories does not hold true and seem unconvincing. The first assumption of archaeologists which is mentioned in the passage is that the jars have been used for fermentation. In other words, probably jars initially made by kings in order to ferment a particular beverage for special ceremony. This point is challenged by the lecturer and he explained that ancient people usually have used jars maid of clay for making and saving drinks, because making stone jars was so difficult and expensive. Besides, ancient people could use pots easily and there is no reason to make stone jars for this goal. Another point suggested by the archaeologists is may stone jars were a kind of water storage for travelers or others. This matter is refuted by the professor and he declared that these stone jars are close to river and people could use fresh water whenever they want, so this is unreasonable. The last theory proposed by the reading passage is probably stone jars were an ancients burial sites, because some artifacts such as metal, jewelry or other things have been found inside them. This point is rejected by the professor and as he pointed, almost burial sites are covered because without the cover, human remains would be damaged or spoiled.
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