Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Rich people who do not work will be unhappy.

In my opinion I would disagree with the statement that Rich people who do not work will be unhappy due to the fact that they are not just rich but also that they can spend there time in any why they want to. A example of this is Dan Bob he is the son of one of Bob mark and he is Rich man that sold his company for 1.4 billion and due to that his son never has to work a day in his life as he has dropped out of school and dose what ever it is that he wants he can do anything and his health is great and every thing in his life to great. As when people have money that have everything the don't say to ask them self can I pay rent or can I go to the hospital they just do it not only that but you can also do a lot of good for example Bill Rob has stated that he wants to give all his money to the people who need it before he dies this showes that no all rich people want to keep all there money to them self. Anther way to see it is that they can also spend more time with there family like there wife, son, brothers, sisters, mother, father and so on, this is dream for many people to spend the life that they have doing the thing that they want to do with the people they want to do it with and I think that this is the best form of happens that one can ask for as to spend time with the people you love is the best thing that can that some-one can do. In the end I hop that one day all of us can just spend time with the people we love without having to always think of money.
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