Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children rely too much on technology, like computers, smartphones, and video games for fun and entertainment. Playing with simpler toys or playing outside with friends would be better for children’s development.

my own fear was the growing up as I remember it was when I was about 14 that I had had came to the idea that one day I will grow up and that I well not be able to do the things that I want to do as I would have work to do. I think that this fear came form the fact that I thought that as I grow up I wont be able to do the things that I wanted to do as I was a quite kid and didn't really talk to anyone and the fact that was going to grow up without any one to call a friend was a sad thought to me as it is for many people and the fact that I know that this fear is there mad it so much harder that it had to be as I tried to make friends but I could not. I remember the person that helped me overcome this fear it was this one guy he also didn't have many friends but so he tried to talk to me as it was the last day of school and no one was there and that was that when I felt the happens that a friend can give you I was determent that it may be scary to talk to people in my cause it was well worth it if I could have people not only to be happy with but also be able to just rest without thinking what the other person is thinking of me the sad thing was he was leaving the school when I asked him why he told me that he wants build himself back up as in he wanted to start a new and due to the fact that I had seen that if you don't act you may lose the opertonaty to what you want to do whatever it may be. In the end I hope that people understand that time dose-not stop for anyone and that if there is something you want to do you should do it after all if you do fail you can build your self back up at any time.
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