Playing computer game is waste of time. Children should not be allowed to play them.

Playing video games is lot of fun, especially with friends. But is it really worth spending time on? I feel like the answer is yes. Video games really help you upgrading your skills, communication, focus. The future scope of computer games is brighter than may think. The emergence of E-sports, abbreviation for electronic sports (computer games), is key to the current state of computer games. High viewership and demand with vigorous competition, e-sport is attracting many people. Also, investors are also seeing this opportunity and investing a lot in prize money. The Fortnite game competition had prize up to one million. With such high stakes, the competitions are fierce and breathtaking. Its no wonder that many are thinking e-sports as career option. You can even stream on major streaming platform to gain popularity and money by just playing games. Children starting playing games at younger age might give him slight advantage over others, just like its the same thing with studies. You need to have laser sharp focus for killing enemies. If you get delayed for even one millisecond, you are dead. Furthermore, you have to click as fast as possible, demanding high muscle reflexes to gain advantage. In strategic games, you not just need to have a great strategic plan but also communicate effectively with your team mates in game. Even though we see computer games as leisure of time, it really demands these skills and strengths. These skill can help children in other areas of their life as well, for example, studies and other activities. Playing computer games is fun. Everyone enjoys it, especially during the time of covid, when people were locked inside home. With the help of great technologies and games, people felt less distant and isolate than expected. Communication and strategic games like Among us really made playing games with friends fun in depressing times like covid. Not only children had better mental state but also improved upon communication. Studies have found that gamifying the study help children understand concepts and ideas. There are abundant of academic games available on mobile to computers. Even some games help stimulate creativity. All in all, computer games are not that bad for children as they are assumed to be.
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