It is better to grow up with siblings than without. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay

Siblings share a unique bond throughout life. While there may certain advantages to being a single child growing up, I believe it is better grow up with siblings. Having someone close to you in age throughout childhood is a very unique adventure. Your sibling understands your struggles and feelings much better than parents. I grew up with a younger brother. We share a truly amazing bond. I understood his problems better than parents or friends, having been in similar situations myself. We share our future plans and take each other’s advice. He always confides in me. We share our secrets and desires. To me, my brother is the perfect combination of a non judgmental friend and caring parent. Growing up in the same house, siblings spend lots of time together. It may family trips, or parties and dinner conversations or school activities, they make some everlasting memories. In my life, some of the most fun memories throughout childhood have been with my brother. Every summer holidays our parents took us to our native place. I remember this particular summer, when my brother and me spent time learnt swimming in the sea. We do not live under the same roof anymore. Yet, remembering those memories always takes me back to my happy place. As adults we don’t see each other as much as we used to. However, whenever we need each other we are just a short phone call away. The bond we share is truly special. We have turned each other into the well rounded adults we are today. The place of friend, guide, confidante, advisor and guardian we hold in each other’s lives is truly irreplaceable. Therefore, taking in account the advantages of a sibling, I would like to conclude growing up with a sibling is better than without.
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