Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students should take out student loans to avoid working while studying. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Both options have some advantages. That makes it even more challenging to pick one. The situation will largely decide if a student takes out loans or chooses to work part time while studying. Some people believe students should take out student loans and avoid working while studying. I however disagree with that idea. In this essay I will explain why I think one should work and fund their education as opposed to taking student loans. Firstly, an internship or a part time job in the same field is a great learning opportunity. During vet school, I worked as an intern in a veterinary hospital. This internship helped me learn many skills and techniques. I also learnt many soft skills such as client handling by observing senior vets. The stipend I received during my work there helped me fund my education. An added advantage of my internship was that I got to meet a number of renowned vets. Their advice has influenced the career choices I made. A part time job in the same or similar field will not only finance your studies but also teach you skills required to succeed in your career. Secondly, any job will enable you learn a unique set of skills directly and indirectly. One such skill is time management. The time spent learning on the job will help you in future one way or other. A part time job also prepares you to face the ‘real world.’ I learnt to efficiently manage my time. Since I had to utilize my free time to work and study, I reduced the number of parties I attended in college. I spent my hard earned money on my education. This made me realize the value of it. Therefore, I studied hard and gave my best. I imbibed the qualities of time management, financial planning and forward thinking during my job. They have helped me immensely in my career. Last but not the least, not having a student loan means you can graduate debt free. I have more financial freedom than my colleagues who had student loans. I can invest all my income for my future. In conclusion, I would like to say whenever possible one should try to work and fund their studies rather than taking student loans. It may seem harder at moment. But the skills and qualities you pick up and the absence of looming debt, make it worth it.
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