Do you agree or disagree with this statement? The ability to cooperate with others is more important today than in the past.

Humans have evolved tremendously through the time. In history they helped each other to build countries and governments. They worked hard cooperating with each other. However, I think that the ability of cooperating with others is more important in this era of cutting edge technologies. First of all, people will have better opportunities in problem solving. In my point of view, cooperating with others can hugely prosper the science. Nowadays scientists are working hard, trying to solve head breaking baffles to make human life easier. If there were no collaboration between them, the process of evolution would move very slow. In addition to this, working with others can help human to own an ability of having many of point of views about the same question. For instance, if we take a look at NASA and the enormous impact of their work in space discovering process, we will obviously see that it is not a work of one person. It’s an outcome of cooperation between thousands of people. Moreover, people can have better understanding of each others thoughts and natures. It is largely important in our modern world of possibilities, where people learn to respect each others thoughts and rights. Also, it is a good chance for finding out your own weakness, consequently your strong sides too. Understanding looks of others makes human not only mature as a person, but a strong individual with a large awareness from being manipulated, which is very important for moving forward today. My friend, who is a head of his own company, has a good ability of understanding others. When he first started his company he exactly knew one thing that for understanding his own weaknesses he needed to understand the strengths of others and that understanding could be formed by the way of cooperating with others. The mindset of winner in his brain made him a successful businessman, not only, it made him grow as a person as well. World we are living in now can be challenging and cruel. If in this important era of human evolution people will cooperate more, we can build a brighter and smarter future for next generations. That’s why I believe that teamwork is the most effective way for gaining success.
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