Many people have learned a foreign language in their own country, other have learned a foreign language in the country in which it is spoken. Which is better? Give the advantages of each and support your viewpoint.

Nowadays some people think that it is better to learn a new language in your own country than to learn in the country in which it is spoken. I definitely think that developing the language with natives is the best option. I feel this way for two reasons that I will examine during the essay. First of all, having the opportunity to travel to a different place to learn a new language can improve your knowledge. Obviously, if you have the chance to go where the idiom is spoken you will identify how the natives use their own language in usual situations such as going to the market, working out, and eating in a restaurant. In other worlds, traveling to practice a foreign language will demonstrate to you the way people actually use their mother language and this will help you to become fluent. This can be better explained by my personal background. When I was a child I started to learn Spanish but it was only when I traveled to Spain that I could learn how people communicate. Thus, I not only learned more about the idiom, but also I got the chance to live their culture. If I had not traveled to Spain , I would not have this life-changing experience. Second, you not only improve your skills in the foreign language, but you also learn soft skills such as empathy and leadership. Evidently, living in another country is not easy and it can be very challenging. However, in that time you can develop essential skills for your life. Living abroad can make you meet new people, be more empathic about other people's problems,and increase your capacity to resolve problems. These skills are essential in numerous works. For instance, I got the chance to live for a period of six months in Chile. When I was there I had to deal alone with everything and this make my grow as a person. If I had not lived there, I would not be who I am today. In conclusion, I think the best way to learn a new idiom is in the country where which t is spoken. But, not all people have the necessary money to afford this experience and this can be the major disadvantage of this learning process.
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