Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for students to understand ideas and concepts than it is for them to learn facts. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Some students think that is most necessary for them to learn facts then to understand ideas and concepts. I totally disagreed with this thought. I feel this way for two reasons which I will examine in this essay. First of all, a case is something that you can learn by ourself while an idea is best explained by a professor. When a graduate goes to the university his main goal is to obtain knowledge in his field of interest. Obviously, in a graduation class,a scholar is searching to learn from his teacher and the best approach to do that is through ideas and concepts. In other words, since they are more difficult to understand by yourself and getting help from a professional makes this process easier. In contrast, a matter can be searched on the internet and it is not so difficult to comprehend. This is best demonstrated by personal experience. When I was getting my degree in chemistry I learned a lot of facts that were easily found on the internet, however, I didn't learn from my teachers some concepts and ideas that were fundamental to my career, so I had to ask other professors and students to teach me. If I had learned ideas and concepts in some classes, it would have been necessary to search for other people to explain to me. Second, learning different concepts and ideas in a class can improve your chances to get a good job. Evidently, it is required different knowledge from a student to get a successful position,and the best way to get this is to understand the main ideas and concepts in his field. You don't have to know a fact to apply it in your job, but you do have to know a concept. For instance, after I finished my graduate course I started to work in a laboratory. In my work,I had to apply numerous ideas to solve problems, but at any moment I was required to know evidence. If I had not learned it, I would not have solved different cases in my job. In conclusion, I disagree with the idea that it is more important for a graduate to learn a law then an idea and I feel this way because it is more difficult to understand a concept without the assistance of a professor and because ideas are essential to your career.
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