A city should try to preserve its old, historic building rather than destroy them and replace them with modern buildings.

For most, buildings play an important role in human life. Some cities might think that by preserving old buildings people can keep historical events constantly and that is quite a major reason to keep them. I, however, think that city should try to destroy them and replace them with modern buildings. First, old buildings make the surrounding environment worst. Second, changing with modern buildings the region’s popularity and city’s profits will increase. Third, a city cannot just be remaining in history. First of all, by destroying old buildings, a city can improve the surrounding environment. These days, global warming is a big issue in our life. Many people look at the problems and they want to solve those problems as much possible as they can. However, if a city does not destroy the old buildings, bad substances, like CO2 that is the main cause of global warming will spread in the air and also add power to increase the rate of global warming. Secondly, modern buildings will attach people’s minds and they will make profits. Nowadays, several Social Networking Services(SNS) are prevailing. It means, people communicate through SNS. Mostly, they want to show their wealth by uploading traveling photos and visiting fascinating cafés photos. In these photos, trendy buildings are basic factors. So, instead of keeping old buildings for historical reasons, rebuilding new modern buildings more efficient way to take profits and raise their city’s reputation. Lastly, remaining in history, does not give any benefits. When my mother was a high school student, her two friends had the same dreams, a professor. Even if they are so talented and have a good personality, they have just one difference. That is friend A always remaining in history and friend B always thinking forward future. Actually, remembering history is important but just friend B became a professor. Since friend A does not follow the world’s flow, he lost his opportunity, which could lead his life more high-quality. Replacing modern buildings is a friend B’s choice. To sum up, I agree with the statement that a city should try to destroy old buildings and replace them with modern buildings. First, for keeping a clean environment. Second, for the city’s profits. Lastly, for living a high-quality life.
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