Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they challenge the specific point made in the reading passage

In the given set of materials, the reading and the lecture are both about the usage of the burning mirror" by the Greeks. While the author provides three possible theories to support the idea that the story of the burning mirror is a myth, the lecturer disputes the claims made in the text. In particular, her position is that the reasons that suspect the story is not convincing. First of all, according to the reading, the Greeks were not technologically advanced enough to create large parabolic curvatures in mirrors. Nevertheless, this specific argument is challenged by the lecturer. Moreover, she declares that the Greeks could form small mirrors and put them together to give a parabolic shape. Secondly, the article suggests that this strategy would have taken a ong time to set the ood on fire. The speaker, on the other hand, asserts that the ships were made of other materials, like pitch. A pitch takes only a few seconds to be set on fire that can be spread to the wood. Finally, the writer posits that this technique does not seem to be an improvement because the Greeks already had flaming arrows. In contrast, the professor points out that the strategy of burning mirrors would be more surprising and, thus, effective. As you can see, the listening part casts doubt on the points mentioned in the text by bringing up compelling examples and explanations to elaborate its viewpoint.
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