Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? When teachers assign projects on which students must work together, the students learn much more effectively than when they are asked to work alone on projects.

Working in a group is an effective way for the student to enhance their communication skills and put time into arguing about their viewpoint each other. There are many different methods that many teachers suggest for students to do their projects; however, I do agree that working with the other classmate would be beneficial for them, which I will explore in the following passage. First, when they work together on a project, they develop their social skills such as intraction, leadership, and management. These are fundamental issues in everyone's life to live in a community and have a better status in society. For instance, when I was at university, we were working on a project which give us an assignment from our teacher to conduct it on the campus. At first, we struggle to decide when we should start the project. Everyone has their own opinion and arguments, but I and my friend gather all the group members and start talking with them about how to overcome disagreement points. We give our talk and we take time for everybody to say their idea. We finish the project and get a great mark from our teacher. As result, we learn from the group project unity, and leadership, and decide that all of these are effective and essential for communication. Second, group projects give the privilege for everyone to show their ability and evolve it there. It is a good place with friends where everyone is comfortable working with each other and taking part in any phase of a project that they think can do better. For example, I was good at maths at school, so when the teacher give us a group task to practice. I held the math part which I am better at it and my friend take the managing of the expertise and others write the summary of the experiment. Consequently, we shear and develop our skills by working together and feel comfortable with each other. Finally, the group task increases our social skills and also enables students to take a part in any stage of the project which they feel good and passionate about it. I like the group working and want from teacher to make it more.
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