Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All university students should be required to take history courses no matter what their field of study is.

Controversy erupts over the issue of whether all university students should take history courses no matter what. The older generation believed history acts a vital role in the country even the civilization, it is beneficial for students to learn the process of evolution. Thus, they could absorb brilliant ideas and discover the pattern from the past. However, in my opinion, the answer is no. I would take criteria from the perspective of the student to explain that. As qualified university students, they had already taken some history courses during high school. As they got a high school diploma, they grasp the basic knowledge and understanding of history. After they become undergraduate students in transition, they can choose the subject that we want to make throughout the inquiry. In general, the mandatory and required course is not fair to all students. Some students who take history as a major and they are obsessed with history, then they are willing to develop history further. Then, they will take advantage of the required courses. In the controversy, the students who are disinclined to history would suffer from that required course. If the university required the students who took irrelevant majors such as business and computer science to learn history compulsorily, then the excitement and delight of studying at the university would decline. They may study history painfully and even fail in history which may hurt their academic performance or graduation. Furthermore, as a younger generation, they should not be trapped in the past. The task that they need to complete is innovation! The university has full energy with brand new things, such as web3.0, meta-verse, Artificial Intelligence, and so on. If the university required the courses for the students that they dislike, they may contradict the rules. Worse still, the university is putting restrictions on youths' creativity to develop and invent new technology. That would lead to the whole society becoming stagnant and not moving forward. Based on criteria related to the point of view of students while universities have posed required courses on young people mandatorily, it is reasonable to infer that the university should not require all the students to take history courses, though my reasons may be a tip of the iceberg.
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