For success in a future job, the ability to relate well to people is more important than studying hard in school.

To succeed in the career market, the capability is just one of the reasons. In deed, other causes play a more important role, such as relationships with career partners, the background you come from, and the luck. In this statement, I will list several points to support the idea that relating well to people is more important than studying hard in school. First of all, developing relationships with others helps reduce the difficulty of the chanllenges in the future. People met in the school time may become bosses or leaders in some specific areas. Investing in the relationship with them will definitely be useful when you decide to join the company they are working in. Since you are the classmate with them, they will often give hand or some short-cut to you to meet the job requirement. In my experience, my friend John, who studied the same secondary school with me, was a manager of a cosmetic company because of his father background. He invited me to work in the company as a intern, which is a business improving my resume when I studying my degree. After the intern experience, I graduated and entered an internation company. I always be thankful to meet this companion in my college life. If I did not get the intern experience, my chance to find a great enterprise may be less. Another point is resource of relating well to people is more. Like it always goes: how many buddy you own is better than the knowledge you obtain. When entering a new area, the resource you find is limited. A team would find more at least being doble comparing with one individual intelligence. This situation in the universities is commonly to be seen. Lectuers give assisgnments to students. Some students having past papers or assisgnments last year could finish the work in a less time length as well as have a relatively great performance. By doing so, these students could allocate their time to other areas. Even having a high capability, you also need to prepare in a more time-consuming way as limited reasources. This statement does not reject the idea of the abolity to be successful. The skill of oneself is appreciated by others in the society. During the process of studying, you would learn many method and tools of increasing efficiency. This also help rising the thinking of the logic, which help you make a better decision in the business market. However, other reasons could directly influence the offer you get in the future career. It is crude to say that people you meet will be the capacity you have. Facing an ostacle, they could even help to tacke. In short, relating well to people is more important than studying hard in school. In society, to success it is complicated to summary but others reasons exist besides abilities. One of them is relationship, which help solve the problems and share useful resoruce with you.
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