In general, people are living longer now. Which of the following do you think accounts for this phenomenon? • Technological improvements • Changes to education systems • Improvements to our diets Use specific details and examples in your answer. You may choose more than one cause. anged and it is reflecting in their lifespan positively.

In this modern world, people are much aware of their health. Everyone is monitoring their health in different ways. People in this society realized the value of a healthy diet and exercise. Technology, education, and improved diet are contributing their part to achieve this. Firstly, technological improvement helped a lot to lead a healthy lifestyle. There are different options for us to do exercise. For example, Gyms have become more advanced with the help of technology. The invention of new machines helped people to stay healthy and fit. The new devices such as smartwatches and new apps will monitor our health status continuously. From the updates, we can see that any deviations in our blood pressure or heartbeats. If there are any fluctuations, we can consult a doctor online with the help of advanced technology. Secondly, the education system has changed. People have good knowledge about what is going on around them. They become more conscious about their health. For instance, people change their minds to organic things because they know the consequences of pesticides well. Most of the people started growing their vegetable gardens in their yard. Through education, they learned the importance of personal hygiene. As an example, usage of hand sanitizer to kill microbes and away from diseases. Most people believe that precaution is always better than being treated after exposure to germs. Finally, improved diet. Everyone knows the importance of a balanced diet. Most lifestyle diseases are due to an unbalanced diet and food habits. When they realized the value of a balanced diet, people stop eats junk foods. Nowadays, people are calculating their calorie intake and accordingly balance their diet with the help of a dietician or any health care professional. Hence, considering these reasons and examples in the above paragraphs. It is evident that the lifestyle of human beings has changed and it is reflecting in their lifespan positively.
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