Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Most of the people in this world enjoy music an dno matter what language it is. A good song and rhythham can soothen every audience. I personally, believe that music is a great tool to bring people together , no matter their age and culture. I feel this way for two resons , which I will explore in the followiing essay. First of all, everyone enjoy music. If we consider any other art form to other than music , people might have different opinion about that . In fact, the jounre of music that everybody enjoy may differ, but no doubt that the do love music. Whenever there is a music concert there will be more people to listen to it . This can be illustarted better way by putting my personal experience. When there was a music concert, which was held in Toronto by famous Indian muscian. Most of my family memebers took ticket for it , as we enjoy Indian musics. Suprisingly, my co-workers also booked a seat for the programe. Once we went there, we have met a lot of people forom differt part of the world. In additon to that , I have seen even infants and older population were enjoying the cocncert. I have made few friend from there and still we are in touch. So, I belive that music is great tool to bring people together. Secondly, most of the other art form required some background knowledge to understand and know what it means. On the other to understand and enjoy the music does not need that much understanding. Just feel the music and you will enjoy it. For instance, my gradnparents only speak my native laguage. They used to attend all concert conducted by differnt people , why beacuse they love music. They go there and listen to it and also they make new friends from there. I hvae seen a guest,in my home when i came back from work. That guy was from Africa. He loves the music nad they become friends when they met in a Hindi laguage music concert. Therefore, musci can be enjoyed by people without knowing the language and background knowledge. In conclusion, music is the one and onluy artr form that all people love it and it is the best way to join different people together. This is because, that enjoy most of the people and also it can be enjoy by anyone without knowing the language.
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