Your local governament has just recently received a large donation from an anonymous donor to improve the community. Almost everyone agrees that the money should be invest in building a new public facility. Which of the following do you think your local government should build? -Public library -Public park -Public pool

The local government has three good options to spend a large amount of money that was donated by an anonymous person, these options are build a public library, a public pool, and a public park. If I were forced to choose, I would select to build a park. I feel this way for two specific reasons, which I will expose in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, in a public park people can easily connect with nature, which can provide an enjoyable and relaxing time to families and to stressed workers. Furthermore, founding a forest near big cities is very hard once these places are fulfilled with buildings. Thus, building a park is a guarantee to have at least a little fragment of nature inside the town and get people the chance to be in contact with nature, which is a pleasure experience. This is better demonstrated by my personal experience. I lived in a large city and everyday I went to work and come back to home without see any animal or tree on this journey. Hence, in the end of the day I used to be very stressed, which is not good for health. This way, I follow a friend’s advice and started to go to a public park on the weekends and there I was able to connect with nature, observe animals, such as birds, butterflies, and lizards. Therefore, when I was in the park I did not think about my work or any problem, so it was a really enjoyable and relaxing time and because of that I could improve my efficient on work and my health. I am sure that if everyone spends some time in contact with nature at least one time at week, their life will be easier and more relaxing. Secondly, children need a space where they can play in security, especially in big cities where the streets are crowded and dangerous. Therefore, building a public park is an excellent solution to make kids have a safer place to play. Drowning from my personal experience, when I was younger, I liked very much to play soccer with my friends, however it was impossible to play in front of my house due to the overcrowded traffic. Thus, my father used to take me to the city’s public park, where parents did not need to worry about the security of their kids. Hence, I was able to have a delightful childhood while my cousins that lived in a city without a public park stayed at home for almost their entire childhood, which was very frustrating. Thus, if every city had had a public park, every kid would have the chance to play safer. In conclusion, I believe that the best option for the local government is to build a public park. This is because, people will be able to easily connect to nature having an enjoyable time and children will play a lot in security.
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