Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Our current way of life will have a negative impact on future generations.

No one can deny that society’s lifestyle is influencing and impacting our planet. I believe that humanity has done huge negative and serious impacts on environmental conditions, consequently, on the quality of life for humans. I feel this way for two specific reasons, which I will expose in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, nowadays the rate of pollution on Earth is enormous. Many scientific articles expose every week how humans are damaging our planet. Since the industrial revolution, the taxes of emission of polluting gases have increased and because of that some consequences already appeared, such as global warming and climate change. This can be better demonstrated by my personal experience. I am a biologist and during graduation, I took some classes about these environmental consequences. Hence, I was able to understand and see lots of data that proves the damages already experienced on Earth and what is expected for the future. Therefore, a professor demonstrated that some regions are hotter while others are colder than in the past, which influences the local climate and, consequently, the quality of life. For instance, the melting of glaciers at the North Pole has already been detected, which increases the sea level that can compromise the coastal cities in the future. I am sure that if we already have experienced some consequences for our lifestyle, future generations will suffer much more than us. Secondly, the accumulation of garbage may be a huge problem in the future once today the quantity of products that people use, and discard is high. Furthermore, almost all of these products have plastic in their compositions, which takes centuries to degrade. Moreover, the destination of this trash is not always the most appropriate once a lot of them reaches the oceans and directly impacts the sea environment. Drowning from my own experience, when I was visiting a coastal city, I could see how some beaches are fulfilled with bottles of water and other products made of plastic that are going straight to the ocean. Therefore, everyone that pays attention on this environment is able to understand how bad the situation is once it is expected to have much more garbage in the ocean than we imagine. This way, I learned in some lectures that it can kill sea life and, consequently, decrease the seafood availability for humans. Thus, if nowadays already have a huge amount of garbage in oceans, it is certain that in the future will be much more and the consequences will be worse. In conclusion, I believe that future generations will pay for our actual lifestyle, and they will have a worse life due to the fact that global warming and climate change will intensify in the future and the accumulation of garbage in oceans will increase even more.
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