Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The internet has been a good thing for society. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Nowadays the internet is spread all around the world and it has influenced society’s life. I believe that the internet brings good innovations and benefits for everyone. I feel this way for two specific reasons, which I will expose in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, the internet has the power to connect people. That is because almost everyone has access to a cell phone or a computer with a connection to the internet. This way, people can easily chat with friends and family. Thus, this kind of facility helps a lot of students that needed to go out of their parent’s house once they can make video chats every day and feel closer to their relatives. This is better demonstrated by my personal experience. When I went to college, I was forced to move to another city. Thus, that experience was very difficult in the beginning due to the fact that I never had stayed far away from my mother and father for too long and I missed them so much. However, I was able to call them every night, which help me a lot and make me stronger and focused on my studies without worrying about them every moment. I am sure that I would have lost my focus and failed in some classes if I had not contacted my parents every day. Secondly, the internet makes students able to have much more opportunities to improve their grades and knowledge. Many books and articles are available on the internet, most of them for free. Therefore, whoever wants to research some specific subject or just complete an assignment has the chance to find incredible materials. For instance, when I was studying at university, I get used to doing my homework only by searching on the internet. Consequently, I was able to finish all my assignments in minutes once I quickly found everything that I needed, far faster than when I needed to go to the library. Furthermore, sometimes I wanted to deepen my knowledge about a subject, such as programming, so I spend much time studying it on the internet. Hence, later when I was looking for a job these programming skills were very helpful and guarantee me a position in the company. I believe that if I had not accessed the internet, I might have been in a different job today. In conclusion, I am of the opinion that the internet is a great technology for our society. That is because people can chat easier, even when they are distant from each other and there was a huge improvement in students’ education.
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