Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents today are more involved in their children’s education than were parents in the past. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Different societies around the world have different perspectives on parental involvement in their children's literacy. While some people think that they are more involved in their children’s education than they were in the past, others are against this idea. In my case, if I were demanded to choose, I would absolutely agree with the announcement in the consideration that parents are more attentive towards their kids’ knowledge than they used to be in the past. I feel this way from two main perspectives among a plethora of arguments in support of this particular assertion, which I will explore in the subsequent paragraphs. First and foremost, children are being treated more seriously than in previous years. Besides the guardians, there are a lot of people involved in their improvement. Obviously, a teacher plays a major role in their lives. I have to confess that my opinion on this matter has been profoundly influenced by my personal experience. You see, since I was little, my mother has always cared about my discipline. She often came to my school to check my grades and what I was learning. In addition, she even attended some of my lessons. To sum up, I think that the more attention parents pay, the better schooling students get. Moreover, we can clearly see that knowledge was not as valued in the past as it is now. People did not need to go to school or get a degree to live a normal life; some of them did not even know how to read or write. We can look into another vivid life example to explain this phenomenon. My grandparents did not receive as good schooling as I did because their parents did not value it. labor was more important to them. Furthermore, grades were not as significant as they are now; our future is substantially dependent on our grades and attendance. I believe that these changes are caused by the development of the education system. Therefore, it is certainly clear to see the significance of guardians’ involvement. In conclusion, I ardently fortify and illustrate my stance to accentuate the fact that parents care more about our schooling than they did. The reason for this circumstance is the importance of grades and knowledge in our daily lives.
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