Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people today have no influence on the important decisions that determine the future of society as a whole.

Young people are the asset and hope of a country that they would govern the country and make it great in all parts such as political, economic, technological, and security. They support by the government to study abroad and send them to many workshops to enhance their ability and management for the future of the country. However, Some people think that they need time to increase their power and leadership to take responsibility for important decisions. In my view, young people have less impact on the critical and effective decisions that contribute to the future of society, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, the high stats of the country do not believe in the young generation and they think they need time to vigorous and improve their ability to manage and take decisions on the important issue. Although they consider getting guidance and idea from them, they get decisions from their viewpoint. For instance, I was working in a company which has had about a hundred workers. I always work closely with my boss and get ideas of what we need to do that improve the quality of the product. He accepts my idea at first, but after a few times, I see quite a difference which was not my opinion. In this like, connect to a high level of decisions, young people take a low part. Second, in most place adult watch the impact of decisions that have a large effect on their future of them. when they could not take a part in an issue, they organize a strike to show their presence to the government. I remember a demonstration which happened in my home town Kabul several years ago. When the government disagrees with the transmission of electricity from a very good location in a new way, the young people come to the street and create a protest against the decisions. Moreover, I take several days that they been there and the government conducts what they want. As a result, the young people need cohesion in the community to show their decisions and request from the government, so they change the outlook of the government. consequently, the young people encounter discrimination and low advocacy. Young people need support from the government to get self-confidence and also build a spirit for other young generations so that they also take a part in the future of their union.
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