Patience is usually not a good strategy. We should take action now rather than later.

In the modern era, having specific spiritual characters for people is of high importance. People's attention toward positive virtues has increased because of their need for a better-qualified quality of life. In this regard, people have this urgent need to know whether having patience in their lives is a good strategy or not. Although patience seems to be a factor in the/ a factor contributing to slow speed of people's response to some problematic situations, I firmly believe that patience is the primary key to any success, and one should consider it a helping strategy. The first and foremost reason is that patience gives people the courage they need to face problems and be more hopeful to see their desired results in the future; in other words, it helps them reach their goals. The underlying factor that should be considered/taken into account in the relationship between goals and patience is people's mental health. Having patience will stabilize their mental health so that by confronting every bitter experience in their path towards their dreamed goals, they will not be shaken and will not lose their path-lightening- hope. For example, those impatient people who have set the goal of reaching a specific grade in a life-determining exam need always to see encouraging positive points. If they find some considerable faults in their specific skills that are in demand for the test, these people will immediately lose hope. In this regard, if people had the patience to bear the hardship of facing problems, they would not have lost their confidence and hope in every step and would have made enough effort to remain on the path and see the favorable results. Furthermore, people's social relationships will not get damaged in every challenge they face, and by using patience, they will tolerate some negative but negligible behaviors. There are some times in people's lives in which people will experience bizarre and unpleasant behaviors from people whom they love. The reaction of patient people is that they withstand it since they know this is one of the difficult moments of that beloved person's life, and their relationship will not change to a negative arguing one. As a vivid instance, mothers are the ones who have been taught to be tolerant unless; otherwise, they will lose the relationship with their children. In the process of growing children, if mothers try to react instantaneously to every child's disruptive behavior, they will lose the chance to treat their children with more compromising reactions. In conclusion, patience should be regarded as the best strategy in even the most critical moments of a person's life. Its beneficial effects on people's mental health help them reach their goals. Secondly, patience would greatly assist people in neglecting undesirable behaviors and preserving their valuable relationships.
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