Some people like to travel with a companion. Other people prefer to travel alone. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

Some believe travelling with a companion is a nice way to escape dull and repetitive reality. There are obviously many opinions regarding this prompt but it is obvious that it is better to travel alone. The concepts of efficiency and convenience clearly illustrate this fact. First of all, traveling without a companion is a convenient way to travel. When people travel they go to places that are completely foreign to them. This means it is much of a hassle to take care of each other. Therefore, travelling alone is a convenient way for people to travel with as little effort as possible. I experienced a similar situation before. During junior highschool year our school had a gap trip where students would get to travel to another country with a companion. During the trip I couldn’t help but feel how incredibly inconvenient it was to travel with others. I had to constantly ask other members of the group how it was going for them to seem appropriate and nice since people were not so familiar with each other despite coming from the same school. In addition, there would be situations when one of us had allergies to certain cuisine so the whole group needed to search for a meal that was suitable for all. It would have required much less effort and attention to keep in mind of other group members, thus it would have been more convenient to travel alone. This example is comparable to the experiences of other people who travel with companions. Traveling alone is better because it is more convenient when you don’t have to care about others. Furthermore, Traveling alone is more efficient way to travel. Traveling is expensive since it requires expenses to be spent. Therefore, people can be efficient when traveling by not accompanying another person in their trip. My brother’s example is a good illustration of this. It was incredibly efficient for my brother to travel alone without accompanying his friend. He was not only able to save money on booking smaller hotel rooms but also on things such as food, transport, and entrance fees. When there were less people to spend money on, his journey became much more efficient on all fronts most notably cost. Because he was traveling alone he could come back from Thailand with a spare money to himself unlike most travel groups overspending their budgets. The same situation would apply to other people traveling alone. They will not waste their resources because of efficiency obtained when traveling by themselves. Initially, it may seem like people are better off traveling with a companion. However, through the examples related to convenience and efficiency, one can logically conclude that people should travel alone.
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