Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people nowadays do not give enough time to helping their communities.

People in the communities try to help each other by providing some initial things that make favorable for all community member. I personally think that nowadays young member gives much time to serving their communities which I will explore in the following passage. To begin with, adults and young people try to make better the communities for every human in order to live relaxed and peaceful. For instance, many young people want to develop and innovate new machines and equipment to serve every people, especially those who have the debility to leave just simply similar to the other. The researcher develops a machine that can help those people with low hearing. This stuff will be helped them to hear better different kinds of sounds. In fact, they try hard as possible to do a job and put time into it to create a better place for their community member. Second, there are voluntary works that nowadays many young people try to go there and help the community. The government and people know that communities just improve with the help of the citizens. They provided programs for awareness of people that they come and join in this program to help and serve. For example, the voluntary program for adult people to join and get vaccination for the door of people which take place far away distance. Moreover, many people interested in this kinds of program and think of joining such a social helping program. To sum up, I believe that many young people intend to help the community member directly and indirectly. This intention has a huge effect on society that motivates other people to do such work that is helpful for the community
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