Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? For success in a future job, the ability to relate well to people is more important than studying hard in school.

Human are social animal. It means one of the major difference between animals and human are this social interaction. To live in a society, it's really important to communicate with other people well. I personally belief that the ability to communicate appropriately is more important than studying hard in school. I think this way for two main reasons, which I am going to explore in the following essay. First of all, most of schools are concentrating on how to communicate well with others and some are focusing on scientific subjects. According to my experience it's much important that we learn how to behave well with other people. If we learn how to deal good and kind fully with others most of problems in our society will be saved. My personal experience is compelling example of this. I had a friend who was at the same age as me in the school and he was studying really hard and always he was getting good grades in exams but, one problem he had that he was rude with others and no one liked him. Another friend of mine whose name is Ali in those days he was not doing well in school but socially he was good with everyone. Now Ali is more succeed compare to my other friend. So, in order to be successful only hard working in school is not enough. Second, most of schools gives us degree or certificates but, unfortunately they don't work on how to make their students be a better person in the community. The result of this mechanism is this that we have educated people with degrees with no morality on them and the vast cases of discrimination and big crimes are due to them. To illustrate this, I give you my country as instance. Our government is corrupt and the employees are all educated majority of them have university degrees but still they don't believe in moral issues and do not work effectively and if you have any work in government offices they treat with you badly. Accordingly, it's very important that ability to relate well is important. In conclusion, the ability to relate well with other people is more important compare to studying hard in schools. This is because human is social animal and also most of schools do not focus to fix to moral behavior of their students.
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