Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People can't be happy with what they have; they always want something new or different. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

People tend to new thing while they use something only for buy a new stuff or achieved newly. Many time the spend much time to consider about their choice and passion, but after passing time they will frastruded. It get inherent or it is on their blood to change instantly. In my vewie, I do agree. I think this way for two reasons which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, human intrezically always in delimma. While People see new thing, they change their mind and outlook about it quickly. They wish to have as much as they can get from the world, but sometimes they disappointed when the cannot reach to them. It cause to compliance about where they live, surrounding environment and the people affected on their live. I remember my friend who work in a company, there he have every possible thing that a man desire; nonetheless, he believed that he is not a successful person. He want more and evaluate his life with other people, so he suffer. I think many people are also as the same as my friend, they quickly change their viwe point. They feel unhappy with the situations where they present and live. Second, world change with the new technology every day. The new innovate machine and equipment make the nation live comfortable, so this led to get various new things. The modern technology construct a new enthusiasm in mind to achieve it, they want it in any conditions. They take hardship and pain to their body and work or practice to obtain it. For instance, I myself have motivation to gain new thing where I see them and have them in my life. I try hard to pass every tough circumstance to reach to my goals. I remember my cousin son who asked his father to buy for him a toy. After bought the toys and played with for a day, he feel unhappy and want new toy. As a result, the human nature incline to have new thing as they observe. Finally, everybody have their own inclination to gain in their life, so they try to hard to achieve it. They inherent it from when the born. This why our new world change, if it would not be we would life in bad condation of live and do not reach in this stage of life.
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