Which one of the following values is the most important to share with a young child? -being helpful -being honest -being well organized

Parents bear the responsibility to educate their kids and share golden values with them. The virtues children learned at a young age can exert powerful positive influence in the rest of their lives. While some parents focus more on being helpful and being well-organized, personally, I believe that being honest is the most important quality that a child should have. Firstly, being honest is the foundation of the way to achieve success for every person. One can hardly become successful if they are cheaters, being irresponsible for what they said or what they did. This is because truth can never be hidden forever, and the lies that anyone told will evetually unvieled by others, leaving the person a notorious reputation for being dishonest. Take one of my classmates in high school, Bob, for example. He was considered a talent at every subject in his first year at school, for he got excellent marks in every exam without studying hard. Everybody at schools believes that he would become a seccussful person in the future and make great fortune. But this was changed at the first exam of his second year of study – Bob was found to have cheated for the past whole year in all his exams using mobile phones. It shocked everyone who knew him and he was dismissed by the school under the decision of the school board. Bob could have been honest with himself and studied hard in high school, but he chose to cheat and lost the opportunity recieve higher education. Secondly, being honest allows a person to be true to themselves, which, in turn, enables them to look straight to their shortcomings. A person always has shortcomings and something that they are not very good at in their lives, which it does not directly related to one’s success. But overlooking or hiding those parts is a behavior of being dishonest with oneself, which does bring adverse effects to one’s growth. Those who are dishonest about their shortcomings tend to cover them up to not let others notice, but it usually does not work the way they want. This would just allow the hole to grow silently, which could end up beating this person. However, an honest person can always realize their disadvantages and try their best to make up, which helps them to become a better person. In a nutshell, it is of paramount significance for children should be told to be honest, since it is the basic for one to achieve success and it allows them to stay true to their shortcomings.
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