Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Because the world is changing so quickly, people now are less happy or less satisfied with their lives than people were in the past.

The new technology changes the world and people are comfortable with the new device which make life easier and more favorable for us. People passion to achieve and innovate new things to bring to human life new things and they are satisfied with this technology. I personally agree with the statement that people are less happy with their lives than people were in the past. I am going to explore this n the following passage. First, new technology brings peace and comfort to people. They desire to live in a quiet safe place where no harm and diseases affect them and facilitate their life. In fact, everyone sees everything as going well while they encounter few problems, they feel unhappy and shows blaming the society and people. For instance, people now really consider that everything we want is present and the government is responsible for every little work; however, they do not pay taxes and other stationary payments, while the government asks them to pay. In this case, the people are putting less effort and consider that the other people should bring it to their doors. Technology which brings quite difference to our life changes our precepts about how we think and how we need those think. Second, societies have changed over time and people porn to be comfortable. The time when the past generation pass and create a delightful milieu was never happening because most people do not want to work hard as the past generation endured. For example, as I mention before new technology brought comfortlessly, but it also makes people less motivated to do something and always complain about life situations. I remember my father who work really hard as a worker in a hot climate in Kuwait bringing comfortless to us, but now I think I could not endure such a hard condition that he tokes on me. To sum up, everyone has compliance with the life situations in which they feel unsatisfied from life and want to be in a pacified environment. I feel this way because I see many people are what I state in my surrounding area.
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