Which of the following do you think contribute most to an enjoyable vacation: good food good location good friends to travel with

Undoubtedly, taking vacation plays a vital role in reducing anxieties and relieving stress in our daily lives. Factors like good food, location, and friends can affect a pleasant vacation. From my point of view, good friends to go with are the most factors for many reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, with a good company people can experience lots of fun. For example, I have a lot of memories and experiences in my life, but those memories I spent with my friends are memorable, and I always remember them. Five years ago, I went on a vacation with a couple of my friends. We rented a home for two weeks. You may think that spending two weeks with your friends is boring, but it became my most memorable and enjoyable vacation. We talked together and played our favorite board game all the way; we even didn’t feel how the time passed. I should notice that although good friends can improve the quality of vacation, the bad ones can worsen your trip. Moreover, going on vacation with your friends is not only a hobby, but also it is a chance for people to learn social skills. By travel, you can learn how to cooperate in a group. In other words, the duties which are hard to do on vacation will be divided between the friends during the vacation; you are way more comfortable with it. For instance, when I went on a trip with my friend, we shared the duties. I, for example, was responsible for doing dishes. One of us cooked, and the other served the food. Therefore we cooperated and learned how to improve our teamwork. So, friends can teach you how to increase your social skills. In conclusion, traveling with friends is not only an enjoyable vacation but also a chance to improve your social skills in a group and in society. I highly recommend that people travel with their friends because it brings them several beneficial consequences like what is mentioned above and many others.
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