Workers are more satisfied when they have many different types of tasks to do during the workday than when they do similar tasks all day long. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Since the dawn of civilization, job satisfaction has always been a subject of criticism. In this modern era, and according to this competitive age, business leaders are more concerned about their workers efficiency. However, people hold different ideas about variety of tasks that labors should do during the work hours. On one hand, some people believe that single task are more desirable for human resources to do. On the other hand, others say that different types of assignment make the circumstances more comfortable for workers. As far as I am concerned, human works better, when they have multi-task to do. The reasons would be elaborated upon in what follows. To begin with, I believe, if we repeat something every day, it will become boring and we do not have tendency to do it anymore, and as a consequence, our effectiveness declined. To illustrate it, my personal experience is a compelling example of this idea. I am an Industrial Engineer, and I am working in a private company. Last few months, a project left to me, since then, I am working on it. Last week, a simple problem occurred during the task, but I could not solve it because I became tired and my brain locked and did not work in a goodway, so I requested my manager to let me work on another task for a couple of days. After that, when I came back to that problem, it been resolved as easy as you can imagine. Thus, I believe, doing a particular task not only makes it boring for you, but also decrease your efficiency. Furthermore, doing variety of tasks lead you to be an expert in many area, and prevent your mind to be one-dimentional. In addition, the opportunity is up for you to schedule your time whatever you want and make your workday more flexible. For instance, before my father become retired, he worked in a company and do many task in a day. He always was satisfied and told me that working is really graceful for him and he did all things in good quality. Moreover, he became multi-dimentional person du to his work and now, he can manage his life better. Therefore, If you do multi assignment during your work, you will do it as well as possible. In conclusion, To the best of my knowledge, workers that do different types of task, act better and are more satisfied. Because, it will not become boring for them and also increase their efficiency.
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