Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Most experiences in our lives that seemed difficult at the time become valuable lessons for the future. Use reasons and specific examples to support our answer.

Everyone has time in their lives when you have a lot of difficulties, and you have to solve all your problems. While some people believe that it is the worst time in their life and they wish they had had not this experience, I believe that it is precious lessons for us for the future. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. First and the foremost, experience teach us not to do the same mistakes that we have done in the past. As much as we wish it is impossible to change the past, but we can learn how to not repeat the same failure. Positive experience could not teach us, as it may be just a lack. But when we do something wrong, we always ask ourselves what led us to this situation, and how avoid it in the future. For instance, when I prepared for my exam I have waited till the last moment before started preparing. As a result, I had a bad score on exam. Consequently, now I always start my exam preparation as soon as possible. The second reason is that difficulties makes us stronger. Because we have already experienced it before, we know how to resist moral pressure. Next time it will be easier to go through all troubles. As now you know that problems will always lead our lives and you just have to solve them. The last reason is that without problems our lives will be more boring, because we just will have nothing to do and we will have less emotional life. For example, when you solve your problems you are very satisfied and happy. But without difficulties you will not be so happy, as your life is always good. The understanding of this helps us not be depressed due to bad time. To sum up, that is why I think that troubles are value lessons in the future.
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