Why do you think an additional work or an extra assignment can be helpful for improving your performance at school or for getting a promotion at work?

We, human beings, are always trying to achieve something that we don’t have, whether we can see it or not. Most people do stuck in a routine of not moving forward and repeating the same day, which is in my opinion caused by laziness. I strongly believe that for reaching something greater that you have, you should do an extra assignment or some additional work beyond what is required in the field that you’re working. First of all, its an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge about your study. A high level of knowledge is one of the most important weapons in your arsenal. You’ll definitely will carry off any problem that you will face with more agility. Adding to this, you will improve you’re state in no time thanks to clearer vision of your goals that you will get. For instance, let’s compare two students. One of them is working hard studying all night long, but the other one doesn’t bother much and studies like always. On the exam day student who worked hard will probably have the advantage. Simply because first student knows the topic much thinner. And it really shows how the large amount of understanding given by hard work can help you out. Moreover, you’ll get much experienced in a topic that you’re working on or studying. Being experienced makes you feel more comfortable while working. It makes you much confident which is one of the keystones of improving your condition. Also, not stereotyped experience is a nudge for a wide imagination. When my brother got his first job he had some hardship doing his assignments for some time because he was not a hard worker. After a while, when started to do an additional tasks for his work, he got much experienced in a small amount of time, which helped him for reaching new heights. In essence, doing some additional task or an extra assignment in work you really love will always help you to reach a stair that you’ve never expected to reach. It is a simple formula for winners.
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