Which of the following do you think contribute most to an enjoyable vacation: • good food • good location • good friends to travel with

Traveling is one of the best activities to have a great vacation. Many factors make a journey more pleasant like delicious food, wonderful locations, and good travel companions. But the question is which factor has the major influence on the enjoyment of a trip. I think that the ones who accompany a journey are a decisive factor in how much a trip can be enjoyable. I explore this way for the following reasons. The first point is that the pleasure of traveling is not due to just visiting a stunning place or eating tasty food. Having good companions to have fun and make memorable moments is the major factor that makes a long journey bearable and enjoyable. To clarify I recall that when I was a student, on holidays I would travel a distance of about 880 kilometers with a bus from the university to my hometown and vice versa. It was extremely tedious when I was alone. But when I was traveling with my friends, despite the long way we would go it was no longer boring. On the contrary, we had a lot of fun together and it was really enjoyable. Another point is that traveling with a group of friends is more convenient and secure rather than traveling alone. For instance, imagine you have to drive a long way to reach your final destination thus it would be more convenient if you travel with some companions because you can change the driver every 2 or 3 hours. Thereby no one gets tired. Additionally, if you want to camp in places that are inherently perilous like the jungles and mountains, having some comrades to help in an urgent situation is inevitable. In Conclusion, although amazing places and tasty food make a journey fascinating they must not be account as a major factor. The most effective factor which makes a journey enjoyable and memorable is a bunch of good friends to accompany you on your trip.
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