Which of the following do you think contribute most to an enjoyable vacation: good food good location good friends to travel with

Taking vacations is a perfect time for recharging an individual's batteries, especially for those with a very hectic daily schedule. Although many people think that going to stunning landscapes or preparing gourmet food has a more significant effect on a vacation's quality, I firmly believe that the close friends' accompaniment is superior to lovely locations and excellent food. First of all, as individuals spend an inordinate amount of time with their best friends, they have similar interests, which leads them to enjoy each other's company. When friends come together, they always say funny things and laugh together. In other words, how much people enjoy their vacations depends mainly on how funny their friends are. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. Several months ago, a couple of my best friends and I decided to go to Masal_ a village in the north of Iran_ to take time away from our jobs and enjoy the breathtaking view. So we rented a cozy wood-sided house in a forest and made a plan to go sightseeing all around that village. When we arrived there, It was raining heavily and continued the whole time we were there. As a result, our plan did not go as we had hoped. In the beginning, I got upset and thought that rain ruined our trip, but I was fortunate enough to have gregarious friends; I was entertained with a lot of hilarious jokes, and as we were really well matched in interests, we had many options for having fun, such as playing truth or dare and board game. Undobatly, that was a fantastic vacation of a lifetime. Secondly, traveling with friends is totally beneficial in many aspects. For instance, a joint vacation has its own financial advantages because of the trip's cost, like booking out an accommodation cost of fuel. Moreover, Since the duties would be divided among friends, one will enjoy more of their journey. Imagine a group of friends going camping on their vacations; there are many tasks like pitching the tent, building a fire, and preparing food in nature. All of these activities need several hours and are absolutely annoying. Nevertheless, friends can share different responsibilities among them, and thus they will not feel fatigued. Even if a person is in charge of all the camping tasks, one will not get tired of the presence of funny buddies around. In conclusion, I strongly believe that traveling with friends through exciting locations is the best way to take an unforgettable vacation. This is because individuals have joint entertainment, which can positively affect vacation quality. In addition, traveling with friends is more advantageous due to sharing costs and duties.
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