Which of the following do you think contribute most to an enjoyable vacation: • good food • good location • good friends to travel with

It is critically important that everyone go break after a while for refreshing himself/herself. There are a lot of decisive factors that determine how a vacation could be enjoyable. While most people believe that eating delicious food or being accompanied by close friends to travel with contributes most to an enjoyable vacation, I think being in an excellent location is of the most importance. There are two reasons why I feel this way, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, watching perfect places is always considered very exciting for everyone. Some beautiful places with scenery views or a new location which never have been gone definitely could be more enjoyable. For instance, after finishing my thesis, I had two options for going on layoff last year. One of them was going to the mountain with my friends and the other one related to watching a new museum which was held. Since the museum is more interesting than the mountain for me, going to the museum is considered a better option than going with friends to the mountain. It was full of satisfaction for me, and I’m sure that I chose the better option. The next reason is that many areas all over the world are not only so amazing but also can be informative. To be more specific, some locations have some instructive characteristics which make a vacation enjoyable. In this way they have positive consequences for the people’s future. My personal experience is a compelling illustration of this. Last year I decided to go to Shiraz, one of the southern provinces of Iran, in order to visit some ancient establishments. I could say it was very delightful for me and the best journey that I have ever experienced. This is because after observing the palaces and buildings of Persepolis, I learned that kindness to the people is the best policy. Taking the above mentioned into account it can be concluded that an excellent location could be more influential. It not only could be so amazing but also very informative.
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