People attend college or university for many differents reasons. Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reason and details to support your answer.

Due to necessary skills days, it is more important than ever to or goes the college or university; so people want to extend their knowledge, get a good job,or knowing new people to create a business. Firstly, the principal reason that a university exists, is for knowledge. so the place has the principal professors who can create a new group with enough ideas in their mains and it can create progress in society. Secondly, people have thought about a career, due to major skills more opportunity can you get, although, sometimes a degree is not necessary and the university is unfavorable. Thirdly, some jobs order to employs that increase their level of knowledge and then it is possible to increase salary and social security, so the college is a good place to get this information to get progress. In conclusion. due to the different ways to attend college, it is invaluable to get new information, because it could be better to get major opportunities.
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