Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is important to know about events happening around the world, even if it is unlikely that they will affect your daily life. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In today's rapidly changing world, human beings are bombarded with news about different events all around the world. Although many believe that knowing about the things which happen around the world helps one precautionary action, others take an opposite standpoint. Personally, I agree with the latter belief, and in what follows, I will elaborate on my viewpoint. First, a significant amount part of the news that we hear contains breaking information about starvation, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars, poor sanitary living conditions for some people, and an increasing rate of death-leading diseases. Knowing about these disappointing affairs is not only helpful but also escalates people's stress levels. For instance, my elder cousin's example is a compelling example of this situation. He was a fan of news channels and used to follow those tv shows constantly. After 20 years of following news channels, when he was only 40 years old, he was diagnosed with deep depression and also heart disease. His doctor banned him from watching sad news and film. Eventually, after two years of treatment, he regained his health. In fact, if he didn't keep up himself with unnecessary news, he would not develop such a terrible disease. Second, since we suffer from timing issues, we should allocate our time to more beneficial activities and prioritize our duties according to their relative importance . Knowing about inessential events is a kind of time-consuming activity. No longer is it possible to acquire professional success in a career or specialized field in university by wasting time. For instance, one of my friends, who allocate a significant amount of her time through the internet to be aware of different events, has many problems due to lack of time. She always submits her projects in the latest minutes and has requested from professors to extend the deadline. Indeed, in order to avoid such dire consequences, she should not take the time to learn about the things going on around the world. All in all, I strongly believe that knowing about events is unnecessary due to having a peaceful life and getting our tasks done.
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